New Tasking Platform Rewards Users With Bitcoin Cash

A new task platform powered by bitcoin cash (BCH) called has been discussed by the crypto community. The platform, developed by Berlin – based programmer Tobias B, provides users with incentives to answer questions, participate in surveys, and get BCH through bounties completion.

A developer named Tobias B announced on March 13’s public beta launch, a bitcoin cash-powered Q&A and task site aimed at rewarding BCH users. Tobias explained to BCH supporters on r / btc that Lazyfox users can ask questions and set up bounties as an incentive for other users to respond to them. The creator says he was aiming at creating a platform similar to Stackoverflow and Fiverr. Essentially, there are three main features available to registered users on the site: task creation, task resolution, and dispute resolution.

“The reward will be paid out immediately to the payout address of the user after a user has solved a task on and the creator has accepted it,” Tobias explained. “The website does not store user balances.”

Lazyfox currently has a bunch of different tasks to accomplish for users. Assignments include recommending to another user a tourist guide, reporting bug bounties, and describing good streaming movies. Users can also advertise and use specific tags for services such as writing, programming, translation, bounties, editing graphics, animation, web design, and tourism. Users can receive a certain percentage of the reward of the task to resolve a dispute, and Lazyfox also charges a 1 percent fee. In addition, the developer added support for the Badger wallet and the Cash-ID specifications for Jonathan Silverblood.

“Badger wallet is fully integrated as a login / signup method as well as combining login / signup with awesome usability via bitcoin signature,” explained Tobias. “If Badger is installed, the platform also displays a convenient button for payments— shouting Jonathan Silverblood for writing the Cash-ID specification and Badger guys for the awesome chrome / firefox badger plugin.”

Lazyfox follows the recent release of a similar platform called Taskopus, which uses bitcoin cash to be an Amazon Mechanical Turk competitor. The team that built Freelanceforcoins developed Taskopus and was launched a couple of days before the Lazyfox platform. Similar to Taskopus, in order to gain traction, the Lazyfox application will need to attract a good size user base.


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